Current Political Climate: It is safe to travel to Nicaragua as a tourist. All airlines have reverted back to their old schedules (arriving at any time of day/night) and it is safe to travel by public bus (of course still taking standard precautions like you would in your home country). We will continue to monitor the situation to ensure the safety of our clients and will update if the situation changes. (Last Updated: May 10, 2019)

Bus – From Leon

Trip Length: 90 min. – 120 min. / Cost: $2-5

  • Take the bus going to Managua and tell them you want to exit the bus at KM 44 for El Transito
  • Get off the bus at KM 44 and wait for the bus coming from the other side of the road that will then turn left heading to El Transito on the dirt road
  • Make sure you get to this junction before 4:00pm or you risk missing the last bus in to El Transito
  • If you miss  the last bus, try to hitch a ride (you’re still 13 km away)



Driving / Taxi

Trip Length: 60 min (Leon or Managua) – 90 min. (Airport) / Cost: $60 – $80

  • Take ‘Carretera Vieja Leon’ and turn at KM 44 /El Transito sign
  • Turn left (if you’re from Managua)
  • Turn right (if you’re coming from Leon)
  • Note: There is a small pulperia with a Pepsi sign in front)
  • Take the dirt road about 15-25 min. all the way to the beach
  • Turn right at the last road that will go along the beach
  • You will hit a dead end where you must make a quick left and right to continue on this road
  • Once you see another dead end look to the left for the big blue gate with a fin on it – the hostel logo!

Note: If you have board bags, make sure to bring straps for a taxi as you’ll need to put them on the top of the roof

Bus – From Managua

Trip Length: 90 min. – 120 min. / Cost: $2-5

  • Take a taxi to Terminal ISRAEL  Stand outside the main entrance of the terminal and catch the EL TRANSITO bus that will come from Oriental Terminal on the main street
  • There should be a group of people waiting for busses to pass so you should be able to spot it easily
  • The bus will have EL TRANSITO written on the top for easy spotting
  • Busses leave at 12:00 pm / 1:00 pm / 3:00 pm
  • Be early because sometimes the busses will leave early

Note: You will need to get to the bus terminal if you are coming from the airport (Expect another $10 – $15 for taxi to terminal)