El Transito Surf Nicaragua
The Corner (Lefts)
Pangas El Transito Surf Nicaragua
Pangas (Rights & Lefts)
El Transito Surf Waves Nicaragua
Main (Rights & Lefts)
Pistols El Transito Surf
Pistols (Rights & Lefts)
Miramar Surf Camp Nicaragua
Miramar (Lefts)
Gran Pacifica Nicaragua
Hollow Reef (Lefts)


Our front yard is the Pacific Ocean with four surf breaks spread across a mile stretch. In general, El Transito is a beach break that picks up any kind of swell and is consistent year round. There’s no need for boat trips when you have this type of selection – waves breaking at both low and high tide, providing different shapes for different levels of surfers – a perfect training ground.

When it gets too big for El Transito we travel north to Miramar (a reef break that needs more swell to break well). For advanced surfers, there’s a hollow reef break just 40 min. away that we can take you to conditions permitting.


  • Surf Lessons
  • Surfboard Rentals
  • Surf Photography
  • Surf Guiding
  • Boat Trip to another break
  • Transport to another break


  • Dry Season (November – March): The dry season is beautiful with not a drop of rain and beautiful starry nights.
  • Rainy Season (May – October): Expect sun to burn through morning with late thunderstorms (the light shows are epic!). It’s rare to have a full day of rain. Rainiest months are September and October.
  • Biggest Swells (April – June): Chest to Overhead + / See Advanced+
  • Smallest Swells (January – February): Knee to Head High / See Beginner
  • Full Days of Offshore Wind: Usually November – April
  • Avg. Ocean Temp: Mid 80’s / Jan and Feb are coolest (you might want a top)
  • Avg. Air Temp: Mid 80’s to Mid 90’s / Hottest months are April and May

Swell Pacific Nicaragua

Surf Breaks

Our property is beachfront with four breaks within eyesight. No boat needed!
El Transito Surf Waves Nicaragua