Waves / Surf Breaks – El Transito Nicaragua

Regardless of which accommodations you choose (all-inclusive surf camp, bed + breakfast / hotel, surf hostel) you will be in front of and in walking distance of four of the most consistent and un-crowded waves / surf breaks in Nicaragua. While most of the time we stay in El Transito (no reason to leave a fun, uncrowded waves), we can travel to another break or two in the region (only included in all-inclusive packages) shall the conditions and the surfers skill level permit. There are 4 breaks within a 20 minute drive and a world class barrel (shallow reef) just 50 minutes away. (Note: Some travel breaks have additional fees associated with them).


The bigger swell season and more well-known “surf-season” is March through October (also known as the rainy/green season). However, El Transito beach also shines in November to February because the break picks up any swell around giving fun sized waves (waist to head high waves), warm water (no top needed), full days of offshore wind (not too blown out) and incredible weather (it’s the dry season). The smallest surf we experience is typically found during the months of January / February and is a perfect time to visit for beginners and for yoga retreat groups. To see how the waves are today/this week, check out the El Transito surf forecast at Surfline now!


Posted below are two videos that will give an idea for what kind of waves you will surf in El Transito. The first video was taken in August and highlights the length of the waves right in front of the surf camp while the second video was taken in Nov/Dec and highlights the more progressive break in El Transito as well as one incredible shallow reef break south of us.