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Open since 2012, we’re the pioneers of tourism in El Transito, Nicaragua setting an example for how businesses and community can work together.

A vision to create a cross-cultural experiential travel company that also provides economic opportunity in under-developed communities.

It started with a simple idea: travel to a new place, in search of warm weather, good waves and a simpler life.

However, it didn’t take long for this idea to transform into a deep desire to get to know the culture, land, and people of Nicaragua giving birth to a larger vision. A vision to create a cross-cultural experiential travel company that would not only be profitable, but also provide economic opportunity in under-developed communities with social conscious, integrity and professionalism at the forefront existing as a model for expansion and growth in Central America.

Social Conscience and Integrity is in our DNA

Offering surf, yoga and volunteer packages with varying accommodations to fit everyone's budget.

Born in the small fishing village of El Transito in 2012, the company initially opened as an all-inclusive surf camp.

The camp focused on all-inclusive packages with handpicked activities that deliver an authentic and safe experience in Nicaragua while enabling guests to expand personal knowledge through cultural experiences like historic city tours and community volunteering. A few years later, and after meeting a ton of wonderful people who were either backpacking their way through Central America or living in Managua and wanted a beach escape, SOLID decided to expand the surf camp to include dorm style packages as well as non-all-inclusive options to guests. Regardless of what type of accommodation is chosen, the same friendly and professional service people have come to know SOLID for is experienced by everyone who travels with us in Nicaragua.

Creating a home away from home

We have teamed up with both local and non-local NGO's for verified community outreach programs.

We have handpicked partners based on a similar company mindset in providing added value to each ones respective communities and guests.

Two of these organizations are tax exempt organizations as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, giving us the ability to provide official paperwork for credit. Our partnerships are heavily valued and extend to individuals within our local community. For instance, instead of opening a restaurant on site, we curate options from local men and women in the community who make their specialty goods and have them bring their flavor to our clients directly. This positive and sustainable interaction among our company, our partners and our guests are what makes our community strong.

Good partnerships make everyone stronger

Surf Culture in El Transito

It’s an honor to have been part of the beginning of local surf culture in El Transito.

When co-founder Jhon Ocanto discovered and moved to El Transito in 2010, he taught the first locals how to surf and thus began the surf culture we have today. With the help of co-founder, Allison Kendro, a couple of years later more locals were taught to surf and to teach which led to the birth of the second generation of surfers. Due to this close connection, the surf culture is super friendly and travelers are welcome into the water which makes El Transito a super special town to visit. From hosting the first surf contest in town to teaching some of the local girls in our kids surf and yoga class, the future of surfing in El Transito is bright!


 SOLIDO Surfeo y Aventura Nicaragua, SA was created as an independently owned and operated, in market tour operations company along with SOLID Surf & Adventure LLC who provides marketing, distribution and financial assistance to the Nicaraguan company through an exclusive operating agreement.
Solid Surf El Transito Nicaragua





Allison is a marketing specialist with 12+ years of experience currently as the Director of Strategy for Publinter BBDO in Nicaragua and previously as a Senior Strategic Planner in NYC, focusing on business strategy and working with a diverse client base in retail, B2B and CPG categories. Her experience was working with high level executives at valued corporations (Lowe’s Home Improvement, eBay, Splenda, Campbell’s Soup, and Pepsi) while managing accounts and leading the strategic direction internally and externally of companies; delivering effective solutions through integrated marketing plans and strategy platforms that influence business decisions at large. Her expertise lies in creating insightful stories based on research that drive industry conversations and an action-oriented market approach. Most notably, she co-led Lowe’s brand repositioning, which led to the successful re-branding campaign, “Never Stop Improving.” As a surfer since age 9, Allison was always looking to mix her expertise with her passion of surfing and after visiting El Transito for the first time which led to taking on a few projects for a start-up camp (where she met Jhon), the two came up with the idea to combine surf with community outreach and economic development, leading her to venture out and create SOLID Surf & Adventure.





Jhon is a bi-lingual (Spanish & English) American-Venezuelan who has experience living in North, Central and South American countries; Venezuela for 10 years, U.S. for 16 years (Pittsburgh/Florida) and Nicaragua for 8+ years. He is a former United States trained and certified EMT and Firefighter, who also spent 7+ years responding to emergency medical calls and lifeguard tower calls as an Ocean Rescue Marine Safety Officer on the Dania Beach Ocean Rescue Team. Ocanto received a Red Cross Award for rescuing survivors of an ocean water plane crash as an Ocean Rescue Lieutenant at Jacksonville Fire Department, where he also managed 40+ lifeguards. In 2010, Ocanto moved to Nicaragua to explore the coastline while working for a start-up surf camp where he ran all operations for three years. After discussions with Kendro, an enhanced vision of what a surf camp could do came into play. Specifically, looking to further extend community outreach in the town of El Transito while adding adventure activities and volunteering to supplement the companies offering, in 2012 Ocanto opened SOLIDO Surfeo y Aventura (the operational match to Kendro’s LLC) to make the idea a reality.

Our Team

The most important part to our company besides our guests are the people who work with SOLID in El Transito, Nicaragua. That is why we take pride in hiring and recruiting the very best in their field and attract them by having competitive salaries and benefits that will keep everyone happy and healthy. We believe work can and should be fun – especially if you’re working with great people at a company that treats you right. This company takes a true team effort and we like to approach this business like we do our families; everyone doing their part for the greater whole, consistently improving and growing together.


Hotel Manager (Bi-lingual)

Managua, Nicaragua


Resort & Kitchen Manager

Managua, Nicaragua


Bartender (Semi Bi-linguel)

El Transito, Nicaragua


Resort Grounds Keeper

Masaya, Nicaragua


Asst. Cook & Housekeeping

El Transito, Nicaragua


Hotel/Hostel Groundskeeper

Masaya, Nicaragua


Massage Therapist

El Transito, Nicaragua


Surf Instructor

El Transito, Nicaragua


Night Guard

El Transito, Nicaragua

Our Partners

As mentioned, we have handpicked our partners based on sharing a similar company mindset in providing added value to each one’s respective community and guests. Below are a handful of those partners and we are always looking to add more so please reach out if interested!

Nicaragua Initiative for Community Advancement Logo
Peace of Wood Logo
Waves for Development Logo
Surf with Amigas Logo
El Transito Centro de Artes Logo
Heritage Surf Shop

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